Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bride Wars (2009)


Yes, I sat through all of it, Kate Hudson works wonders for my concentration. It is a silly movie, stupid even, but it deserves some proper femslashing. It’s a movie about two BFFs who are about the get married, but a mix-up in planning causes them to be pitted against each other in one huge bitch-fest.

It is a movie about the fulfilling of the heterosexual norm of marriage and children, but sometimes during the run of the movie that is incredibly easy to forget. First of all the two leads have great chemistry together and that works a long way on its own. Then there are a number of scenes that taken out of context look a lot more like one big anti-prop 8 campaign than anything else.

Not to mention that the outline of the story would make a great Uber. On the one hand you have the aggressive corporate lawyer with a need to control and on the other hand the meek middle school teacher with a need to please. Despite their differences they share an incredible strong connection and mean everything to each other. All the story needs is an alternative alternative ending.

There are too many meaningful looks and lingering touches for me to list them all, but some of the scenes worth mentioning are the following:

  • The opening where the two play bride (a young Liv) and groom (a young Emma), and marry each other.
  • The better-off Liv buying clothes (read spoiling) Emma for no real reason other than she wants to.
  • The mentioning of the two having lived together.
  • Emma chasing Liv through her apartment and tackling her to the couch where she ends up sitting on top of the blonde. After which they pull apart and there’s some panting involved.
  • The wedding planning montage which is completely devoid of all male and only shows the two planning a wedding together.
  • The dance-off where the two are handcuffed to each other at the hen party.
  • Emma falling apart because of the feud with Liv and confesses, “How I feel?..I’m so confused”.
  • Liv receiving a blessing from Emma’s dad at the day of her wedding and as he walks away softly whispering, “He’s such a good man…Emma is so much like him”.
  • The longing looks of sadness they give each other before they head off to their separate weddings.
  • Emma running down the aisle and attacking Liv. The two end up rolling around on the floor fighting to be on top. Spent they collapse on the floor next to each other.
  • Emma breaking up with her man and afterwards take Liv down the aisle.

Anyhow, words only say so much so rather than to waste more of them I decided to retell the movie in screencaps. Here you go, Bride Wars the Alternative Story;

Like I said, looks a lot like an anti-prop H8 campaign, don't you think?

The entire movie is about these two women and their relationship. Everything comes back to that one true relationship that goes beyond any other and the loss of that relationship that causes them both to fall apart completely.

The movie was pointless, but squint a little and put heterosexuality on hold and suddenly it's a tribute to same-sex marriages. From a subtext POV it is definitely recommended, but that's the only POV it is recommended from.


  1. okay, so i have totally yet to go and see this movie but now as soon as i get out of work i plan to go buy this and watch it JUST for these scenes hahahaha, thanks for the uplook i love it when people point out obvious things like this!

  2. When I saw this movie I agree there was alot of subtext in it. I like how you did those screencaps and made a different story out of it, too bad it wasn't like that in the movie. I was hoping for more fanfic as well, but so far only found one :(

  3. This is SO weird! When I watched the movie, I picked up a little on the subtext and was like "cool" but I forgot about it shortly after.

    Then, today, I was putting a DVD in the player, and next to it was Bride Wars and I'd been thinking of fanfiction at the time anyway so I was like "Wow.. I wonder if anyone's considered any Bride Wars fic" and then I log on and HERE IT IS.

  4. Now that is a movie I'd like to see! Very well put together! :)

  5. Yup, I saw this in theaters and I had the same thought. The subtext was right there, from the beginning.

  6. i thought the same thing when i saw the movie. it was cute, but it would have been SO much better if at the end they realized that they really wanted to be together all along. i mean even the ny times review said the movie was incredibly subtextual and that anne hathway and kate hudson had better chemistry together than either had with their fiances in the movie. i definitely prefer this version.

  7. I just hopped in here from nowhere, but you did such a good job with those screen shots I'm not tempted to find other alt-stories told in just 2 dozen of so frames. Great job.

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  9. Sorry to comment so late. But I bought the movie (it was like $5), and there's a VERY telling moment when Liv and Emma first confront each other about changing the wedding dates. On a huge yellow banner is written "Congratulations Emma & Liv" in big red letters. It's not hidden, either. It really jumps out.

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