Thursday, 12 March 2009

"Criminal Minds" Subtext Season 3, No.8-11

The subtext has evolved. It was there and it helped build a foundation. Now it’s extended into that phase where things just catch my attention. Not because they are subtext in themselves, but because they provide opportunities to imagine what goes on behind the scenes. So from this point onwards I’ll be mentioning things worthy of attention as well as proper wholesome subtext.


No.8) Episode 3x12 3rd Life
Nothing really, but it’s interesting to note that as the team are rushing a building weapons drawn and vests on, JJ once again fall behind Emily. Coincidence most likely, but it makes great building material.

No.9) Episode 3x13 Limelight
Not subtext persay, but I got a total kick out of Emily storming into the local office where JJ and a female agent were talking.

No.10) Episode 3x14 Damaged
This is another weird one. It’s not the type of scenes you normally see, it’s like a soap, slippery to hold onto. I can’t quite get a grasp of it and what possible meaning there could be behind it. I just know that it’s excellent material to build that alternative story from. Penelope who’s dating a fellow analyst (Xander!) goes to see JJ to ask what she’s to do about it; “Were not supposed to date fellow Bureau employees”. JJ on the other hand does not appear to be particularly worried about it and tells Garcia to don’t sweat it. The discussion then turns into joint showers (of the romantic kind, not the after PE kind) and JJ states that they are highly overrated and much better in theory than in practice... Can you feel it? The potential is giving me goosebumps.

[Bangs?! C'mon! Even the stylists are in on it.]

["I have the gift of prophecy" - I am now expecting a marriage, the return of an abusive boyfriend and then ultimately Emily’s death.]

Then at the end of the episode there was this little outburst by Emily; “Just when I thought nothing scandalous was ever going to happen around here”. As if JJ's reluctance to joint showering wasn't enough of a fanfic prompt you have this sentence that practically begs to be made into a gritty little piece of femslashfic.

No.11) Episode 3x16 Elephant’s Memory
Texas brings out the swagger in Emily.

Plus that final shot gliding through the plane. Everyone relaxing, Emily leaning back reading her book. JJ across from her basically laying down in her seat. It’s not that much leg space in a plane that small. I'm just saying.


(enhanced screencaps from Oracle of Quantico)

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